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Osteopathy is patient centred, which means treatment is geared to you as an individual. Your osteopath should be able to give you an indication after your first visit. For some acute pain one or two treatments may be all that is necessary. Chronic conditions may need ongoing maintenance.

Whilst back pain is the most common problem seen, Osteopathy can help with a wide variety of problems including changes to posture in pregnancy, repetitive strain injury; postural problems caused by driving or work strain, the pain of arthritis and sports injuries among many others.
If you are unsure if osteopathic treatment would be helpful, please contact the clinic and one of our Osteopaths will happy to discuss your problem with you.

Treatments are £33 per treatment session. There is no initial consultation charge.

A formal referral from your GP is not necessary; the majority of osteopathic patients self-refer.

With careful diagnosis and treatment we hope to be able to ease your condition, reduce your pain and increase your mobility.

It is possible that you may feel some reaction to your first couple of treatment sessions. Many people just feel more mobile.

Many joint and muscular problems can be caused by sport and working practices. We understand that many people want to continue their lives as normal, whilst not wanting to allow their injury to interrupt their daily activities.

When you first consult us we will take account of your feelings in connection with your individual demands on your body. We will try and design a treatment to work with your body and your own personal demands.

There may be times when it is impossible to progress your condition without some rest or modification to your normal activities. We will try to keep this time to a minimum, and make the time out as productive as possible.

When it is imperative that you continue work or sport we will support you during this period with extra treatment to keep you functioning in the circumstances.